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ToolHound 5 Tech Tip: Refresh Browser to Reload Page

August 26th, 2014   |   Posted by: superadmin

The ToolHound 5 Cloud inventory management system is a web-based solution featuring a more user-friendly, desktop-like experience. This functionality is enabled by the latest Silverlight interface. However, some customers contact us because they can’t find the refresh page button. Here’s a quick ToolHound 5 tech tip to alleviate this situation.

Because Silverlight is not like regular HTML, there is no page refresh function when using the system. Using the back button or pressing refresh will completely reload the program, instead of just refreshing the page. Each page within the application (Part Numbers, Serialized Inventory, Personnel, etc) has its own Refresh icon which refreshes the data on that page.

If you should need to refresh the ToolHound application, simply place your cursor on the ToolHound URL in the address bar and hit enter. Also note that the shortcut key ‘control-F5’ will completely reload the page from scratch, cleaning out any temporary Internet files stored in the cache.

Have You Seen Your Ingersoll Rand Impact Gun Lately?

August 23rd, 2014   |   Posted by: superadmin

Are you missing a Ingersoll Rand Impact Gun?

A ToolHound customer in Northern Alberta has found someone’s lost Ingersoll Rand brand air impact gun, and it has a ToolHound bar code label on it: #2119460. The customer called ToolHound to see who it belonged to. ingersoll rand impact gun

It’s a fact of life that tools and equipment get misplaced. Whether lost or stolen, the impact to your bottom line is the same – lost productivity due to time spent searching for the item, and all too often, money spent replacing  it.

With the ToolHound 5 tool inventory management system, the ability to track and trace all your equipment in real time means you can drastically reduce tool loss and hoarding.

Managing your complete tool inventory with ToolHound makes it easy to minimize tool expenses and maintain productivity, enabling projects to be completed on time and on budget.

To do their jobs, your crew needs to have the right tool in the right place when needed. So check your ToolHound inventory tracking software and see if you are missing item #2119460 Impact Gun and we will return it to you.

ToolHound 5 Update 5.2014.0717.0

July 25th, 2014   |   Posted by: superadmin

We released a new update ToolHound 5 update (5.2014.0717.0). Note that this update also includes an update to the scanner component, ToolHound Mobile 5 (5.0.2014.723). Everyone, including ToolHound 5 Cloud users, will need to apply this update to their scanner.

– For ToolHound 5 Cloud users, the update to the server will be applied within the next few days. Look for the updated version number along the bottom of the login page.
– For ToolHound 5 users where the software is installed on your own servers, you will need to download and install this update. NOTE: This update has special instructions! Please see Installing the ToolHound 5 Update below.

After the update is applied, if you don’t see the updated version, or if you experience any issues, first try clearing your cache before contacting Support.

Highlights of This Update

“Install file now” permits you to specify the IP address and port of the server to speed the installation/configuration process.


– All reports now better handle watermarks
– The Parts Catalogue used throughout the application now supports multiple selections by Ctrl-clicking each line/part.


– Issue / Return
– The bin/shelf is displayed in the detail grid after an item is scanned or entered
– The Item lookup includes the bin/shelf
– Issues report now has inventory type criteria
– Work order now always prints on Transaction Receipts, if used
– Transaction Activity report now has criteria for transaction type and return status
– For Create Requisition, you no longer have to select (highlight) the part on the Catalogue tab before double-clicking to open the Part Numbers page. Simply double-click the part number.
– Requisitions lookup is now displayed in reverse (descending) order of date required


– Part Numbers
– Transaction History tab now has a filter row at the top of the grid
– Stocking Points tab now includes the editable Bin/Shelf column for non-serialized inventory
– Items tab now includes the read-only Bin/Shelf column for serialized inventory. This is the Bin field from Serialized Items.
– Adjust Inventory now includes an option to specify the bin where the inventory is stored
– Serialized Inventory report now has inventory status criteria
– Inventory Master by Location report now includes a column for the Bin/Shelf
– Inventory Bar Codes report now includes criteria for sub category
– Inventory by Location report now includes criteria for category, sub category and manufacturer


– Receive Transfers now includes an option to specify the bin where the inventory is received
– Transfers lookup:

  • is now displayed in reverse (descending) order  of transfer date
  • includes the to and from locations


– Reorder  Worksheet now:

  • displays a message if there are no results matching the query criteria
  • does not include suggested order quantities of negative values when there is an overstock


– Partial Billing:

  • has been optimized
  • now includes a counter for each batch of 100 records being processed


– Inventory lookup:

  • now automatically adds the item to the Details list to save pressing Tab (Issue / Return)
  • now shows the Description in the first column
  • now includes the Bin/Shelf (scroll to the right to view)

– Issue / Return, Quick Trans and Pick Requisition now include a Bin column on the Details tab (scroll to the right to view)

Installing the ToolHound 5 Update

** This update requires version 4.5 of the Microsoft .NET Framework on the server where ToolHound 5 is installed. As a prerequisite to installing this ToolHound update, your server be updated to the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 if this version isn’t already installed. **

** This update includes required changes to the web.config. If you have set up your SMTP server in the web.config, you will need to add these parameters again after the update, as it will be overwritten. It is recommended that you do not back up and restore this file after applying the update. **

For instructions on how to install this update, please download the document ToolHound 5 – How to apply an update.pdf from the ToolHound 5 resources or FTP site. Note: the file is password protected with the same password as the FTP site. If you do not have the password, please contact

Updating ToolHound Mobile

Download the file for the scanner update (ToolHound 5 Mobile.CAB) found in the ToolHound 5 folder on the FTP site.

** If you are using scanners in Batch mode, you should send all transactions stored on the scanner before installing the update. **

To install the update on your device:

1. As a precaution, copy the WebServiceURL.XML from the \Program Files\ToolHound 5 folder on the device to your desktop.
2. Copy the CAB file to the IPSM folder on the device.
4. From the scanner, run the CAB file.  Install it to the IPSM folder when prompted.
5. Verify the WebServiceURL.XML in the \Program Files\ToolHound 5 still has the has the correct IP to access your ToolHound 5. If not, replace it with the copy on the desktop.
6. Warm boot the scanner.

– Dolphin 99EX: Hold down both the CTRL and Enter keys for about six seconds or until the screen goes black.
– Dolphin 70e: Hold down the Power key until the options menu appears then select Soft Reset.
– Workabout Pro: Hold down both the blue FN key and Enter keys for six seconds or until the device restarts.
– Intermec CN70e: Press the Power button and select Reboot from the menu.

ToolHound Offers Intermec CN70e Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer to Replace Psion Workabout Pro 3

July 20th, 2014   |   Posted by: superadmin

We understand that ToolHound customers don’t have time to waste. Whether you are dealing with spotty wireless coverage, damaged barcodes, extreme weather, or tools coated in dirt and grime, you still need to successfully manage your equipment and tool inventory.

To keep your business on track despite typical jobsite nuisances, ToolHound offers state-of-the-art, high-performance scanners and mobile computers as part of our complete tool control solution. And we are pleased to now offer the Intermec CN70e Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer.

“We’ve looked at several different scanners, and the Intermec CN70e is the Cadillac of scanners,” said Jason Syrota, QA/QC manager at Sarens Canada.

Intermec CN70eThe Intermec CN70e handheld mobile computer from Honeywell is designed specifically for field mobility environments that demand a compact form factor without compromising ruggedness or battery life. This ultra-rugged computer supports both barcode and RFID scanning capability, and operates on any type of network with switch-on-the-fly network selection capability. A highly durable Gorilla® Glass touch panel and indestructible keypad technology make this device well-suited to any tool crib or job site in the field.

The handheld CN70e is a great match for the complete ToolHound 5 system offerings, whether you are using ToolHound Onsite, ToolHound Cloud or the ToolHound SecureCrib™ automated tool inventory solution.

We are offering the Intermec CN70e to replace the Psion Workabout Pro 3 handheld mobile computer, which is no longer in production. Technical support for the Psion Workabout Pro 3 will be available through Psion for current customers using the scanner.

Top 10 Myths about Tool & Equipment Management in the Cloud

July 14th, 2014   |   Posted by: superadmin

The “cloud” is a popular buzzword these days. Cloud computing has grown significantly in recent years because storing data in the cloud can offer substantial IT cost savings. The cloud also provides flexibility, efficiency, document control and collaboration, data recovery after disasters, and the capability to securely access your data from anywhere at any time.

However, despite these benefits, there are still a number of myths circulating about this technology. Here are the top ten:


1) Tool and equipment management applications are best suited for a company intranet instead of the cloud

ToolHound 5 Cloud Edition is a web-based tracking system that offers all of the powerful features of our popular ToolHound tool management software, yet it is designed to run in the cloud. ToolHound 5 Cloud offers the same functionality and user experience as ToolHound 5 Onsite, but without the ongoing cost and maintenance of keeping your own database server.


2) Tool and equipment management in the Cloud does not provide data security for hosting

With ToolHound 5 Cloud, both the software and data are stored on a physically secure data center with automatic backups. The server uses a secure firewall and other advanced technology to prevent interference and access from outside sources.


3) I don’t have control of my data in the cloud

Users of ToolHound 5 Cloud have full access and control of their data using any device with an Internet connection and browser. Whether on the road, at the office or at home, using a PC, laptop, handheld computer or wireless device, you can easily manage your data.


4) I can’t have all my tool & equipment applications in the cloud

ToolHound 5 Cloud offers almost unlimited capacity to manage your comprehensive equipment and tool inventory, adding additional modules as needed to grow with your business.


5) It’s more costly to run tool & equipment management in the cloud

ToolHound 5 Cloud is a hosted inventory tracking software that manages the movement, use and location of your entire inventory for one low annual fee. This fee covers application hosting, support and updates, saving you the ongoing costs and hassles of in-house web and database server maintenance.


6) A company intranet is faster than the cloud for hosting applications

Today’s cloud computing technology is fast and responsive, offering speeds similar to your company network.


7) Migrating from desktop storage to the cloud is time-consuming

ToolHound offers easy-to-use conversion tools to transfer your ToolHound data from your desktop PC to our secure online data center with ToolHound 5 Cloud, quickly and easily.


8) Capability of the cloud is limited and does not scale easily

With ToolHound 5 Cloud, you can easily grow your company without the burden of additional IT support and infrastructure costs. As you require more functionality or additional users and locations, you can simply add more modules without worrying about installation, configuration or supporting additional hardware and software.


9) Too many hidden fees are involved with equipment management in the cloud

Everything from support services to daily backups and software updates is covered with ToolHound 5 Cloud. Plus, you can save a considerable amount of time and money without any software or databases to install, administer and maintain.


10) Access to my tool inventory will be interrupted every time the server goes down for maintenance

The ToolHound 5 Cloud service includes automatic updates to the software. Upgrades occur transparently and eliminate costly internal costs for maintenance of software.


Economical cloud computing has been adopted across a wide range of industries and applications, including tool and equipment management. But don’t worry… If equipment management in the cloud simply does not work for your business model, we have you covered with ToolHound 5 Onsite.

Either way, you can enjoy the benefits of a robust, browser-based inventory management system and reliable maintenance and support services.