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Commercial Construction Relies on ToolHound to Track and Manage Equipment Rentals

July 23rd, 2014   |   Posted by: superadmin

— ToolHound makes quick work of billing for tool and equipment usage, both externally and in-house for streamlined billing, operational efficiency and profitability —

ST. ALBERT, Alberta — July 23, 2014 — ToolHound Inc., a leading global supplier of tool tracking systems, announced that award-winning commercial construction company Daniel O’Connell’s Sons relies on the ToolHound 5 tool and equipment management solution for improved operational efficiency, return on investment and equipment rental management.

ToolHound Teams with Datanet to Meet Tool Tracking Needs in Asia Pacific Region

April 29th, 2014   |   Posted by: superadmin

— Datanet supports ToolHound 5 for Asia Pacific tool tracking in construction, mining, industrial, oil and gas industries —

ST. ALBERT, Alberta — April 29, 2014 — ToolHound Inc., a leading global supplier of tool tracking systems, announced a collaboration with reseller Datanet to support customers in the Asia Pacific region. Datanet is one of the foremost integrators of radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions across Australia, delivering enterprise mobility solutions designed to optimize operational efficiency.

ToolHound selected Datanet as a reseller due to Datanet’s extensive customer support capabilities including services ranging from project conception, consultancy and project management, through installation and deployment. Datanet also provides a wide range of rugged barcode and RFID readers that are compatible with the ToolHound 5 inventory tracking software.

Proper Tool Management Key To A Safer Job Site

March 24th, 2014   |   Posted by: superadmin

— Maintenance module in ToolHound 5 equipment management system automates task of tracking preventative maintenance schedules —

ST. ALBERT, Alberta — March 24, 2014 — ToolHound Inc., a leading global supplier of tool tracking systems, reports that the regular use of an equipment management system significantly contributes to improved workplace safety. Not only can users track the movement and usage of tools, but a robust asset tracking system like ToolHound 5 enables preventative maintenance schedules to be automated, ensuring that equipment is always in good condition.

ToolHound Desktop End of Life Notice

February 14th, 2014   |   Posted by: superadmin

With the new year and the release of ToolHound 5, we would like to announce that effective December 31, 2014, ToolHound will no longer support ToolHound Desktop. First released around 1990, ToolHound Desktop has provided excellent value in construction inventory management to thousands of customers over its lifetime, but the product line has declined due to the superior performance of ToolHound 5 Cloud and On-Site. Customers with active support contracts can upgrade to ToolHound 5 for a reduced price.

Thank you for your continued use of ToolHound’s inventory control software, and please feel free to contact us if you need any additional information.

ToolHound 5 Ranked Among ‘Hot Products for 2014’ in Construction Executive Magazine

January 16th, 2014   |   Posted by: superadmin

ToolHound 5 Tool and Equipment Management System Featured in Construction Executive 2014 Hot Technology Products

ST. ALBERT, ALBERTA — January 16, 2014 — ToolHound Inc., a global supplier of tool management systems, announced that the ToolHound 5 tool and equipment tracking system is featured as a 2014 Hot Product in Construction Executive Magazine.

The ToolHound 5 tool tracking system is a scalable solution using barcode or RFID tool tracking to monitor equipment inventory and usage to maximize productivity and reduce tool budgetstoolhound 5 hot products. For nearly 30 years, ToolHound systems have been deployed by industry-leading companies in construction, power generation, maintenance, chemical processing, mining and mechanical contracting.

However, the ToolHound inventory management system does much more than just tracking tools across locations for greater efficiency. The complete ToolHound 5 system also simplifies inventory management, external rental mangement, maintenance scheduling, work order costs, new tool purchasing and identification of obsolete or excessive inventory to be resold.

“ToolHound 5 significantly improves overall profitability by eliminating tool hoarding, increasing staff accountability and productivity, and reducing IT support for inventory management,” said Dean Perry, president of ToolHound.

ToolHound Inc. specializes in personalized technical support with on-site training and installation expertise. FastTrack commissioning enables new users to quickly master the system and begin saving valuable time, improving productivity and minimizing equipment costs. For more information, call (800) 387-8665, or visit

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