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Commercial Construction Relies on ToolHound to Track and Manage Equipment Rentals

— ToolHound makes quick work of billing for tool and equipment usage, both externally and in-house for streamlined billing, operational efficiency and profitability —

ST. ALBERT, Alberta — July 23, 2014 — ToolHound Inc., a leading global supplier of tool tracking systems, announced that award-winning commercial construction company Daniel O’Connell’s Sons relies on the ToolHound 5 tool and equipment management solution for improved operational efficiency, return on investment and equipment rental management.

With expertise in planning and implementing technically complex engineering projects, Daniel O’Connell’s Sons (DOC) has been tackling construction challenges for 135 years. Based in the Northeastern U.S., the company operates two equipment yards in Massachusetts and New Hampshire to supply tools and equipment to projects throughout New England and into the Midwest.

In order to more effectively track and manage equipment usage per project, DOC began using the ToolHound tool tracking system last year. Everything from heavy equipment — cranes, excavators, dozers, etc. — to smaller bulk items like shovels and signs are coded with barcodes and tracked using the ToolHound External Rental Module.

“We use the rental module to track tool use and streamline billing for our projects, which are set up in the system as external contractors,” said Matthew Stine, field engineer for Daniel O’Connell’s Sons. “ToolHound is especially helpful when a project uses equipment from one yard and returns it to the other yard, or transfers it to another project.”

According to Stine, more than 100 DOC employees use the ToolHound inventory tracking software to check out tools for a wide range of crew sizes. Personnel can easily access the inventory database to see what items are available, where specific pieces of equipment are located, and how much each item costs to provide more accurate project estimates.

“We have entered around 2,000 unique part numbers, and are entering more every day,” said Stine. “Getting our entire inventory database into the system will help us more quickly process orders and spend less time manually tracking a tool’s location.”

“The ToolHound 5 rental module allows companies to set up an efficient rental system to suit their own specifications and preferred business processes,” said Dean Perry, president of ToolHound. “An item is easily checked out and back in using a scanner, and the software automatically calculates rental charges and reports on billing per department or external contractor.”

The powerful ToolHound 5 construction inventory management system delivers the performance and usability needed to help companies of all sizes gain control of their equipment inventory for increased staff accountability and productivity, reduced costs and greater efficiency. And with the ToolHound rental modules, tool costs can be quickly recaptured to realize greater profitability and return on investment.