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Common Misconceptions About Tool Tracking Systems

You know that the outdated system being used to maintain your company’s equipment and tool inventory needs to be replaced, but you haven’t done anything about it because you think a new system would require too much time and money to set up.

Sound familiar? Here are some of the most common misconceptions about tool tracking systems that might be holding you back:

Tool Tracking Systems Misconception #1

I have more flexibility if I use paper or spreadsheets because a digital inventory management system can only be accessed when I’m in the main office.

Fact: Spreadsheets have never been designed for inventory tracking, and keeping them updated across multiple sites and projects is nearly impossible. With the ToolHound web browser-based tool management software, your equipment inventory can be managed remotely at any time and from anywhere via a single software platform. For example, ToolHound Cloud can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection and Silverlight-enabled browser. There is even an app that runs on any device that has an HTML5 compatible browser.

Tool Tracking Systems Misconception #2

Tool tracking systems in oil and gas, construction or mining need to use brass tags because nothing else holds up in harsh, dirty environments.

Fact: RFID tags are rugged enough to withstand the harshest environments, and they can be accurately scanned without direct line of sight, even when dirty or greasy. And unlike brass tags that require time-consuming manual inventories, RFID tags enable fast and easy, automated tool check-in/check-out.

Tool Tracking Systems Misconception #3

It takes too long to see a return on investment.

Fact: The comprehensive portfolio of scalable ToolHound equipment and tool management software delivers prompt return on investment, often in less than a year. This is made possible through significant savings in time and money:

  • Streamlined inventory reconciliation
  • Reduction in equipment losses and tool hoarding
  • Comprehensive tool and equipment visibility
  • Time savings realized when tools are issued or returned
  • Less time spent searching for lost or misplaced equipment
  • Resale of obsolete or excessive equipment inventory
  • Increased worker productivity because the right tool is in the right place at the right time.

We’re glad that we have this opportunity to set the facts straight about tool inventory control software and hardware. What else can we help you with today?