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Frequently Asked Questions about Equipment & Tool Tracking

As I visit with customers, I often hear many of the same questions about equipment & tool tracking. I wanted to post some of the most frequently asked questions to clear up any confusion and help you determine whether ToolHound is the right solution for your application.

1. What business problem does equipment & tool tracking solve?

When equipment is lost or misplaced, the result is stalled productivity and the potential for overstocking of tools. A robust asset tracking system like ToolHound delivers the ability to gain complete control over your entire equipment inventory. ToolHound tracks the issue and return of tools to contractors and employees, as well as the transfer of equipment between various jobsites and tool room locations, using a simple and accurate transaction system and a comprehensive database. An automated billing feature within the equipment rental software also makes it easy to recapture tool costs – a necessary task for tool rental companies and many contractors.

ToolHound helps companies of all sizes maximize equipment utilization, minimize tool loss and hoarding, increase employee accountability, and improve productivity to enable significant cost savings.

2. What’s changed with ToolHound 5 Tool and Equipment Management?

The scalable ToolHound 5 inventory management system includes more than 50 new features for even greater functionality, ease of use and operating efficiency. New features in ToolHound 5 include the ability to assign multiple IDs to each inventory item using bar codes, radio frequency identification (RFID) and/or etched numbers, as well as the capability to track non-stock items, such as shipping and service, for complete construction and manufacturing operation management.

3. Can ToolHound 5 work in remote areas?

ToolHound is a robust tool management software solution delivering significant benefit for companies with a variety of tools and equipment, particularly those operating in multiple locations. ToolHound is a browser-based application that uses the power of the Internet or corporate intranet to manage assets across far-flung locations. Tracking an unlimited number of tools and equipment across jobsites is further simplified with ToolHound Mobile software and a mobile computer with integrated bar code or RFID reader, making the collection of data quick and easy even in remote areas.

4. How do I evaluate equipment & tool tracking for my application?

Choosing a tool and equipment management system for your construction, maintenance or repair business is an important step toward greater productivity. The ability to quickly and easily manage your entire tool inventory, whether at one location or multiple jobsites, is critical. However, a robust tool control system also should deliver the ability to:

  • Share inventory data and provide accurate reporting across your entire organization
  • Monitor and schedule required maintenance
  • Alert when the inventory level for an item is low
  • Recapture tooling costs with automated billing for usage
  • Manage tool purchasing and resale
  • Get up to speed quickly with personalized technical support.

5. How accurate is equipment & tool tracking technology?

The powerful ToolHound asset tracking system uses the latest wireless, RFID and bar code technologies to track and manage tools and equipment. Once the assets are labeled and entered into the system, a complete and accurate view of your inventory is available in real-time. With a quick scan of the barcode or RFID tag affixed to an item, all the available information related to that item is readily available.

6. Can I locate all of my tools & equipment at a click of a button?

ToolHound’s inventory tracking software was designed for maximum speed and ease of use, based on real-world experience and feedback from our customers. As tools are checked in and out, the ToolHound database is automatically updated to reflect an up-to-the-minute picture of all the valuable assets being tracked in the system for greater cost savings, operating efficiencies and overall peace of mind.

7. Should I use RFID or barcode to track my tools and equipment?

The data input method is largely dependent on your particular tool inventory and storage conditions. For example, if a tool goes back in its case for storage at the end of the day, you can apply a stick-on barcode label on the tool where it will be protected in the case and won’t rub off. However, with large equipment and tools that are left outside in the weather, or those exposed to rough and dirty conditions on a regular basis, an RFID tag is more durable.

An additional consideration is the availability of personnel to assist with tool check-in and check-out. To achieve the utmost automation and speed, consider RFID technology to enable a self-serve tool crib application using ToolHound.

8. Who is ToolHound?

For nearly 30 years, ToolHound has delivered a comprehensive portfolio of tool and equipment management solutions for companies of all sizes across a variety of industries, including construction, power generation, chemical processing, mining and jobsite equipment maintenance and rental. ToolHound specializes in personalized technical support with on-site training and installation expertise.