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Heat Seal Labels Help ToolHound Track More than Tools

We have talked quite a bit in this blog about tracking tools and heavy equipment using the ToolHound 5 system and a barcode or RFID tag. But did you know that ToolHound is great for keeping track of other items as well?

heat seal labelsWhen paired with new MetalCraft Heat Seal Labels that adhere to fabrics, ToolHound can be used to track gloves, coveralls, company uniforms and other clothing. The durable Heat Seal Label is printed on flexible, woven polyester, and bonds to fabric with a heat-activated adhesive for applications where a traditional label won’t work.

And because workers and their coveralls can get pretty dirty on the job site, these labels have been tested to withstand washing, dry cleaning and disinfecting processes at 160°F.

Keeping track of company uniforms can be a tedious job, particularly given that many workers wear them home at the end of the day. With ToolHound’s asset tracking system and Heat Seal Labels, keeping track of coveralls, gloves and uniforms – and keeping workers accountable for them – is easy and worry-free, protecting your investment in these items with the same system that manages your tool inventory.

What can we help you track today?