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How to Solve Three Common Construction Problems Using RFID Tool Tracking

Keeping track of tools and equipment on one construction site is difficult enough, but managing your entire tool inventory across multiple sites can be a monumental challenge.

Fortunately, there is easy-to-use, readily available inventory control software that makes it simple to tackle these challenges. Here are three common construction problems that can be solved with RFID-enabled tool tracking.

#1 – Construction Problems Caused by Expansion

Growing your business is great for reputation and profitability. However, as your business expands, so does the size and scope of your tool inventory. The ToolHound 5 system simplifies the task of adding new items to your tool inventory with quick and easy RFID scanning, as well as integration with other database systems using csv files. You can even monitor item availability and automate purchase orders for new equipment with the ToolHound Purchasing Module, ensuring that the right tool is always in the right place at the right time.

#2 – Equipment Tracking

You have a lot invested in your equipment. In order to protect that investment, you need to keep track of where those tools are located and who last used them. With RFID tool tracking you can keep up with of all your valuable assets in real-time, while keeping workers accountable for missing or broken tools. And tool assignments can be fully automated with the ToolHound SecureCrib™ Kiosk, enabling workers to check out and return their own tools without a tool crib attendant, helping to reduce personnel costs.

#3 – The Elements

Construction job sites come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, but one thing they share is a typically harsh environment. Rugged RFID tags can be accurately scanned when greasy, muddy or covered in grime, and the data can be uploaded wirelessly from anywhere using ToolHound Cloud and Mobile Scanners. The ToolHound 5 RFID tool tracking solution also allows you to scan multiple tags simultaneously for faster, easier transactions and greater productivity in the field.

What construction problems can we help you solve?