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Tool Inventory Tracking Simplifies Tool Theft Reports

tool theftIt’s an unfortunate fact that the words “construction site” and “theft” go hand-in-hand. Just search for “construction tools news” and a number of theft reports will pop up at any given time. Reducing construction tool theft is one way in which ToolHound tool and equipment management systems can benefit almost every construction business.

At ToolHound, we provide construction companies and worksites with tool tracking solutions that utilize barcode and radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. Each valuable tool or piece of equipment has a barcode label or RFID tag attached. Employees or jobs are also identified using a barcode or other ID. When a tool is required, the employee or job ID is scanned followed by the tools being issued. By tracking who has what tools, ToolHound makes employees accountable and reduces theft. Minimizing tool loss can significantly decrease overall expenses for any construction firm of any size.

For example, in 2007, “ToolHound for Habitat” was established to provide Habitat for Humanity affiliates in North America with tool and equipment management kits to minimize tool theft and loss. This has saved thousands of dollars in replacement tool inventory costs, enabling some of the savings to be returned into the Habitat for Humanity program.

When dealing with equipment and tool theft, ToolHound customers can quickly supply law enforcement with a detailed list of items missing, complete with serial numbers. This also makes the process of tool recovery that much simpler and more efficient.

ToolHound’s tool management software is beneficial to many industries apart from construction as well, including mining, oil and gas, and utilities. The centralized, real-time visibility and management of tool inventories can increase productivity and reduce tool losses while improving tool utilization. To learn more about ToolHound’s inventory control software, please feel free to contact us today.