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Meet Your New Purchasing Manager

purchasing managerYou have a lot of demands on your time. Between bidding projects, managing personnel, planning business strategy and keeping an eye on the balance sheet, you have more than enough to do.

Finding extra time in the day for purchasing materials can be close to impossible. Yet, efficient management of consumable inventory and tool replacement is key to avoiding stalled productivity.

Fortunately, the ToolHound tool and equipment tracking system includes access to the ToolHound Purchasing Module. The purchasing module allows you to automate the task of adding new items to your tool inventory, simplifying the process of ordering, receiving and tracking inventory.

With automated reordering, you can replenish inventory using user-defined minimum and maximum quantities, automatically generating and sending purchase orders to selected suppliers.

The purchasing module not only monitors item availability and usage to create purchase orders, it also reports on usage history to help you make informed decisions about future inventory purchasing and forecasting.

The reporting feature makes it easy to view backorder reports or completed purchase orders at any time, and you can generate inventory receiving reports by supplier and/or purchase order number.

When your time is already at a premium, why spend hours creating purchase orders and tracking down backorders when you have an efficient, effective purchasing manager at your disposal with the ToolHound purchasing module? Contact us to learn more about how ToolHound’s inventory tracking software and hardware can save you time and money in purchasing and beyond.