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RFID Lightens the Load of Managing Heavy Equipment

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has estimated that the construction industry loses $1 billion annually from equipment and tool theft, with a large majority of thefts occurring on the job site. Two main factors determine the type of equipment stolen most often – value and mobility.

Of course, some of the most valuable equipment is too big to steal; yet even some large, heavy equipment goes missing every day. This type of pervasive problem demonstrates just one of the many reasons why it’s necessary to have an accurate asset tracking system for managing heavy equipment.

This is particularly important when you have crews working in multiple locations. Keeping track of equipment in the field is challenging enough, but it becomes even more complicated when a project uses equipment from one yard and returns it to another yard, or transfers it to another project.

Finding the Best Fit for Managing Heavy Equipment

When choosing a tool control solution, both RFID and barcode tracking offer benefits for hand tools. However, a robust solution is needed for most heavy equipment that stays outdoors on the job site, including cranes, excavators, bulldozers, fork lifts or backhoes.

RFID tags are durable enough to withstand weather and harsh conditions, and tags can be read without line of sight. This means the tag can be mounted inside or outside the equipment, and it can still be read even when covered in dirt and grime.

The ToolHound inventory management system makes it simple to transfer heavy equipment from a central warehouse to one or more jobs sites, keeping track of all the items at each location with RFID tracking. Once the equipment is delivered to the job site, items can be checked out to workers as required. When the project is completed, items are easily transferred back to the warehouse or directly to another job.

This increased visibility also enables identification of assets that can be sold or removed from inventory to free up budget for new, up-to-date tools and equipment. For added benefit, ToolHound offers a simple-to-use rental module that allows you to track tool use and streamline project billing. This equipment rental software saves you time and maximizes the return on your equipment investment.

But don’t take our word for it — read more about how smart business owners are using ToolHound to track more than just tools.