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RFID Tool Tracking Stands Up To Dirty, Greasy Jobs

rfid tool tracking

Construction equipment operators work in nearly every weather condition. Workers often get dirty, greasy, muddy or dusty… and so do their tools. One of the advantages of using RFID tool tracking technology for construction inventory management is its ability to withstand harsh conditions.

While some more delicate tools are regularly cleaned and put away, most hand tools and equipment used on a construction site or in an oil field tend to stay dirty much of the time. This complicates the process of tracking these tools in the field.

If tar or dirt covers a barcode, it can no longer be read. However, rugged RFID tags can be accurately scanned when greasy, muddy or covered in tar and grime. And because RFID doesn’t require direct line of sight, tags can be read even when placed inside tools.

RFID Tool Tracking Allows Multiple Reads At Once

Additionally, RFID tool tracking solutions such as the ToolHound 5 system enable faster transactions and greater productivity because multiple tags can be read simultaneously.

Using inventory tracking software to track equipment in the field using RFID tags and rugged handheld computers means that you can process tool check-outs and returns even in the dirtiest environments for greater flexibility, efficiency, productivity and peace of mind.

What sort of dirty, grimy jobsite challenges are you facing?