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Have You Seen Your Ingersoll Rand Impact Gun Lately?

Are you missing a Ingersoll Rand Impact Gun?

A ToolHound customer in Northern Alberta has found someone’s lost Ingersoll Rand brand air impact gun, and it has a ToolHound bar code label on it: #2119460. The customer called ToolHound to see who it belonged to. ingersoll rand impact gun

It’s a fact of life that tools and equipment get misplaced. Whether lost or stolen, the impact to your bottom line is the same – lost productivity due to time spent searching for the item, and all too often, money spent replacing  it.

With the ToolHound 5 tool inventory management system, the ability to track and trace all your equipment in real time means you can drastically reduce tool loss and hoarding.

Managing your complete tool inventory with ToolHound makes it easy to minimize tool expenses and maintain productivity, enabling projects to be completed on time and on budget.

To do their jobs, your crew needs to have the right tool in the right place when needed. So check your ToolHound inventory tracking software and see if you are missing item #2119460 Impact Gun and we will return it to you.