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Are You Still Waiting to Upgrade Your Tool Management System?

Have you upgraded to the new ToolHound 5 tool management system yet? We’re so excited about the benefits offered by the latest version of ToolHound that we are offering the following discounts to existing customers with active support contracts:

25% Discount for customers who purchased ToolHound prior to January 1, 2011

50% Discount for customers who purchased ToolHound after January 1, 2011

FREE upgrades to customers who purchased ToolHound after December 31, 2012.

Tool Management Software Upgrade: ToolHound 5 Requirements

Please note that the system requirements for ToolHound 5 inventory control software is Microsoft Windows 7 or later operating systems. PCs running Windows XP cannot support version 5.

Scanner requirements to run ToolHound 5 include the Dolphin 99EX or newer mobile computer. We recommend the Dolphin 99EX or CN70RFID for best performance.

Now we can only ask: “What are you waiting for?” Email us at to take advantage of this upgrade offer.