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ToolHound 5 Tech Tip: Refresh Browser to Reload Page

The ToolHound 5 Cloud inventory management system is a web-based solution featuring a more user-friendly, desktop-like experience. This functionality is enabled by the latest Silverlight interface. However, some customers contact us because they can’t find the refresh page button. Here’s a quick ToolHound 5 tech tip to alleviate this situation.

Because Silverlight is not like regular HTML, there is no page refresh function when using the system. Using the back button or pressing refresh will completely reload the program, instead of just refreshing the page. Each page within the application (Part Numbers, Serialized Inventory, Personnel, etc) has its own Refresh icon which refreshes the data on that page.

If you should need to refresh the ToolHound application, simply place your cursor on the ToolHound URL in the address bar and hit enter. Also note that the shortcut key ‘control-F5’ will completely reload the page from scratch, cleaning out any temporary Internet files stored in the cache.