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Tech Tips, February 2014: Resetting Honeywell Dolphin

Resetting Honeywell Dolphin® Mobile Computers

We frequently get asked how to reset different Honeywell Dolphin mobile devices. Here’s a handy-dandy reference for the most common models. Remember that a warm boot is the same as a reset on a PC or laptop. A cold boot is the same as a full shutdown, or turning the power off and back on.

Honeywell Dolphin 9900, 9500:

Warm Boot: Press CTRL + SFT for approximately 5 seconds.
Cold Boot: Press CTRL + ESC for approximately 5 seconds.

Honeywell Dolphin 99EX, 99GX:

Warm Boot: Press and hold the CTRL and ENTER keys for 5 seconds.
Cold Boot: Press and hold CTRL and ESC keys for 5 seconds.

Dolphin 70e:

Warm Boot: Press and hold honeywell dolphin on-buttonfor about 4 seconds until the Options menu appears. Touch Soft Reset.
Cold Boot: Press and hold honeywell dolphin on-button for about 4 seconds until the Options menu appears. Touch Hard Reset.

If the device has stopped responding, Press and hold on-button for about about 8 seconds until the device start to reboot.