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ToolHound 5 Update 5.2014.0717.0

We released a new update ToolHound 5 update (5.2014.0717.0). Note that this update also includes an update to the scanner component, ToolHound Mobile 5 (5.0.2014.723). Everyone, including ToolHound 5 Cloud users, will need to apply this update to their scanner.

– For ToolHound 5 Cloud users, the update to the server will be applied within the next few days. Look for the updated version number along the bottom of the login page.
– For ToolHound 5 users where the software is installed on your own servers, you will need to download and install this update. NOTE: This update has special instructions! Please see Installing the ToolHound 5 Update below.

After the update is applied, if you don’t see the updated version, or if you experience any issues, first try clearing your cache before contacting Support.

Highlights of This Update

“Install file now” permits you to specify the IP address and port of the server to speed the installation/configuration process.


– All reports now better handle watermarks
– The Parts Catalogue used throughout the application now supports multiple selections by Ctrl-clicking each line/part.


– Issue / Return
– The bin/shelf is displayed in the detail grid after an item is scanned or entered
– The Item lookup includes the bin/shelf
– Issues report now has inventory type criteria
– Work order now always prints on Transaction Receipts, if used
– Transaction Activity report now has criteria for transaction type and return status
– For Create Requisition, you no longer have to select (highlight) the part on the Catalogue tab before double-clicking to open the Part Numbers page. Simply double-click the part number.
– Requisitions lookup is now displayed in reverse (descending) order of date required


– Part Numbers
– Transaction History tab now has a filter row at the top of the grid
– Stocking Points tab now includes the editable Bin/Shelf column for non-serialized inventory
– Items tab now includes the read-only Bin/Shelf column for serialized inventory. This is the Bin field from Serialized Items.
– Adjust Inventory now includes an option to specify the bin where the inventory is stored
– Serialized Inventory report now has inventory status criteria
– Inventory Master by Location report now includes a column for the Bin/Shelf
– Inventory Bar Codes report now includes criteria for sub category
– Inventory by Location report now includes criteria for category, sub category and manufacturer


– Receive Transfers now includes an option to specify the bin where the inventory is received
– Transfers lookup:

  • is now displayed in reverse (descending) order  of transfer date
  • includes the to and from locations


– Reorder  Worksheet now:

  • displays a message if there are no results matching the query criteria
  • does not include suggested order quantities of negative values when there is an overstock


– Partial Billing:

  • has been optimized
  • now includes a counter for each batch of 100 records being processed


– Inventory lookup:

  • now automatically adds the item to the Details list to save pressing Tab (Issue / Return)
  • now shows the Description in the first column
  • now includes the Bin/Shelf (scroll to the right to view)

– Issue / Return, Quick Trans and Pick Requisition now include a Bin column on the Details tab (scroll to the right to view)

Installing the ToolHound 5 Update

** This update requires version 4.5 of the Microsoft .NET Framework on the server where ToolHound 5 is installed. As a prerequisite to installing this ToolHound update, your server be updated to the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 if this version isn’t already installed. **

** This update includes required changes to the web.config. If you have set up your SMTP server in the web.config, you will need to add these parameters again after the update, as it will be overwritten. It is recommended that you do not back up and restore this file after applying the update. **

For instructions on how to install this update, please download the document ToolHound 5 – How to apply an update.pdf from the ToolHound 5 resources or FTP site. Note: the file is password protected with the same password as the FTP site. If you do not have the password, please contact

Updating ToolHound Mobile

Download the file for the scanner update (ToolHound 5 Mobile.CAB) found in the ToolHound 5 folder on the FTP site.

** If you are using scanners in Batch mode, you should send all transactions stored on the scanner before installing the update. **

To install the update on your device:

1. As a precaution, copy the WebServiceURL.XML from the \Program Files\ToolHound 5 folder on the device to your desktop.
2. Copy the CAB file to the IPSM folder on the device.
4. From the scanner, run the CAB file.  Install it to the IPSM folder when prompted.
5. Verify the WebServiceURL.XML in the \Program Files\ToolHound 5 still has the has the correct IP to access your ToolHound 5. If not, replace it with the copy on the desktop.
6. Warm boot the scanner.

– Dolphin 99EX: Hold down both the CTRL and Enter keys for about six seconds or until the screen goes black.
– Dolphin 70e: Hold down the Power key until the options menu appears then select Soft Reset.
– Workabout Pro: Hold down both the blue FN key and Enter keys for six seconds or until the device restarts.
– Intermec CN70e: Press the Power button and select Reboot from the menu.