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ToolHound 5 Update 5.2014.1014.0

We recently released a ToolHound 5 update (5.2014.1014.0). Note that this update also includes an update to the scanner component, ToolHound Mobile 5 (5.0.2014.925). Everyone, including TH5 Cloud users, will need to apply this update to their scanner.

– For ToolHound 5 Cloud users, the update to the server will be applied within the next few days. Look for the updated version number along the bottom of the login page. Update your ToolHound Mobile software only once you see the browser version change.

– For ToolHound 5 users where the software in installed on your own servers, you will need to download and install this update.  Please see Installing the update below.

After the update is applied, if you don’t see the updated version or if you experience any issues, first try clearing your cache before contacting Support.


Highlights of this ToolHound 5 Update


– Multiple enhancements to the user interface throughout, including:

– Error message borders are now in red to increase visibility.

– Incomplete required fields are highlighted in yellow to increase visibility.

– Improved speed during scanning

– Company-specific versions of Reports.xml (<company_alias>.xml) are better handled.

– Updated Help topics include a revision date at the bottom of the page.

– The local time zone is displayed on the status bar.

– Dates and time zones are better handled for documents and in report filters (DD/MM/YYYY format).



– Issues report now includes

– Quick filters for Job and Sub Job codes and a sort by Job

– Criteria for inventory type and part number fields

– Automatic returns are now processed one second before the issue so the issue appears first chronologically.

– Transactions can now be searched by Requisition No.  The hyperlink to open the associated requisition has been moved to the label.

– Transaction Receipt

– The Requisition number is displayed

– Requisition criteria have been added (TransactionRequisition)

– Transaction Activity report now includes employer criteria.

– Consumables report now includes

– Criteria for employers, categories and sub categories

– Total cost for each group as well as a report total.



– The Inventory Valuation report has been added for a summary of quantities and extended costs for part numbers.

– The Inventory Bar Codes report now includes criteria for details on inventory items, such as serial numbers.

– Merge Part Numbers has been enabled.

– Serialized Items now has a filter row on the Transaction Activity tab.  Type a value in this row for any one or more columns to filter for matching data.

– Serialized Inventory report now has item detail criteria.



– The Personnel Certifications report has been added.



– Create Transfer Request now uses the same Catalogue and Selected Items format as Create Requisition.

– When Location Settings permit automatic returns, they are now processed one second before the issue so the issue appears first.



– Create Purchase Requisition now uses the same catalogue as Create Requisition

– Purchase Order

– When creating POs manually or using the Reorder Worksheet, the primary vendor information is now populated by default.

– Reorder Worksheet

– The layout has been changed to the grid style for clarity.

– The primary vendor information is now populated by default.

– The Suggested Order quantity is now populated.

– Reorder worksheets can now be saved, retrieved and deleted for each user by stocking point.  Only one worksheet per stocking point can be in progress at a time.

– Purchase Order Master report has had cosmetic changes.

– Receive Inventory

– Handling Purchase Units of Measure and conversions to Issue Units of Measure has been improved.

– The Bin/Shelf can be entered when receiving.

– Receiving Slip now includes the Invoice and Notes

– Back Orders report now includes the quantity on back order and unapproved POs are no longer included.

– Low Inventory report now includes a sort by Inventory Description



– External Rental Charges can now include negative values.

– Cosmetic changes to several Internal Rental reports:

– Internal Rate Sheet report, including the addition of the To Date quick filter

– Internal OnRent, including the addition of the To Date quick filter



– Import Data

– Inventory Adjustments now supports the Bin/Shelf column

– The new Personnel Certification template can be used to assign or remove certifications from employee records as well as create certifications that don’t already exists.

– Where Company settings force a user to change their password, changing the password will now display the login page.

– Report Writer now better handles long custom queries.

– Command Window now includes an Export feature to send query results to a CSV file.



– Issue / Return

– An Entity lookup has been added to search on personnel last name or location description.

– Item ID retrieval time has been significantly improved in Batch mode.

– Sync Local has multiple improvements

– Optionally exclude syncing some or all data not related to issue / return transactions to speed the process and reduce the space used.  Select from Count, POs, WOs, transfers, transfer requests and requisitions.  The default is to include all data.

– Sync Local has been optimized to better accommodate large databases.

– Visibility is no longer restricted to stocking points to enable Enterprise locations to restrict visibility within projects.



Installing the New ToolHound 5 Update

For instructions on how to install this update, please download the document ToolHound 5 – How to apply an update.pdf from the ToolHound 5 folder on our FTP site.  The coordinates are at the bottom of this email.

** If you have set up your SMTP server in the web.config, make a backup of this file before performing the update as this file gets overwritten.  If you skipped the previous update, it is recommended that you do not back up and restore this file after applying the update.  You will need to make any required edits manually after applying the update.


Reminder: Since the 5.2014.0717 update, version 4.5 of the Microsoft .NET Framework is required on the server.  There were also required changes to the web.config.


Updating ToolHound Mobile

Download the file for the scanner update (ToolHound 5 Mobile.CAB) found in ToolHound 5 folder on the FTP site.

** If you are using scanners in Batch mode, you should send all transactions stored on the scanner before installing the update.  **


To install the update on your device,

1. As a precaution, copy the WebServiceURL.XML from the \Program Files\ToolHound 5 folder on the device to your desktop.

2. Copy the CAB file to

– the IPSM folder on the device for the Dolphin.

– the \ folder on the device for the Psion.

3. From the scanner, run the CAB file.

– On the Dolphin, install it to the IPSM folder when prompted.

– On the Psion, install it to the Device when prompted.

5. Verify the WebServiceURL.XML in the \Program Files\ToolHound 5 still has the has the correct IP to access your ToolHound 5.  If not, replace it with the copy on the desktop.

6. Warm boot the scanner.

– Dolphin 99EX: Hold down both the CTRL and Enter keys for about 6 seconds or until the screen goes black.

– Dolphin 70e: Hold down the Power key until the options menu appears then select Soft Reset.

– Workabout Pro: Hold down both the blue FN key and Enter keys for 6 seconds or until the device restarts.

– Intermec CN70e: Press the Power button and select Reboot from the menu.