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ToolHound 5 Update 5.2015.0209.0

We released a new update (5.2015.0209.0) to ToolHound 5 Tool and Equipment Management software. Note that this ToolHound 5 update also includes an update to the scanner component, ToolHound Mobile 5 (5.0.2014.209). Everyone, including ToolHound 5 Cloud users, will need to apply this update to their scanner.

– For ToolHound 5 Cloud users, the update to the server will be applied within the next few days. Look for the updated version number along the bottom of the login page.
– For ToolHound 5 users where the software in installed on your own servers, you will need to download and install this update.

After the update is applied, if you don’t see the updated version or if you experience any issues, first try clearing your cache before contacting Support.

Highlights of this ToolHound 5 Update

– For reports, if no To (end) date is specified, today’s date is used
– Report criteria
– better handles dates
– can exclude blank values by using the criteria IS NOT operator with the value NULL or filter for blank values by using IS operator with the value NULL
– More improvements on date storage and display

– Issue/Return
– For return transactions, the return status will default to the first status according to the specified Order
– Consumable report now includes
– sort by for the Job
– criteria for Job and Sub job
– the total quantity for the group
– Transactions can now be searched by entity or date
– Return Discrepancies has been optimized

– Transaction History tab for both Part Numbers and Serialized Items now displays the document status in the Status column
– Adjust Inventory now displays the name of the user who created the adjustment
– Inventory Adjustment report now includes
– the name of the user who created the adjustment
– sorts by Category, Description and Created Date
– criteria for Category, user
– Count
– Count by Entity count type has been added for field counts
– Now displays the bin/shelf
– Now keeps each instance of each item counted, not a consolidated record, to track by who and when each count entry was made
– Validates whether an item ID is valid for (included on) the count for types other than “Count whatever I like”
– Defaults to a Count quantity of 1 for serialized items
– Alternate IDs are now recognized
– Count Sheet printable report has been added
– Close Count
– Now posts the reason of “Count – ” followed by the count number for each inventory adjustment created
– Has been optimized for large counts
– Displays the number of records updated by Close Count
– For Count by Entity counts,
– Serialized items counted for the entity but not issued to the entity will be issued using the selected transaction type
– Bulk items are not issued
– Uncounted items or items counted as 0 will not be returned
– Count records now appear on the Transaction History tab for parts and serialized items

– Transfers has been optimized and has a more compact layout for readability
– Lost in Transit now posts the reason of “Lost in Transit – ” followed by the lost in transit record for each inventory adjustment created
– Lost in Transit Master report now includes criteria for the user who created the Lost in Transit record
– Receive Transfer Master report now includes criteria for the originating transfer, part number and the user who created the receipt record as well as additional sorts

– Purchase Order now displays the Please Wait message when looking up
– The Reorder Worksheet
– Has a new flag in the query: Exclude Unapproved POs (Add to QOH)
– Now supports saving one reorder worksheet per stocking points across sessions for later completion. When a new query is run for the stocking point, the previous reorder worksheet is cleared
– The Purchase Order Requisition report has been added
– The Return Slip has been reformatted

– The Work Order No can now be changed after the work order is created

– The Partial Billing has been optimized
– The External Rental Order report has been reworked
– The External Charges report better handles dates when exported

– Approvals has been improved to better handle multiple levels
– Report Writer now supports printing of images for part numbers and personnel. Select the BinThumbnail column
– Roles now include settings for reports, shown in brown to differentiate them from other menu items

– For return transactions, the return status will default to the first status according to the specified Order
– Sync Local has been optimized to accommodate complex location hierarchies with a large number of stocking points
– Receive Transfer has been improved
– Register Item has been improved
– Build Kit has been improved
– Count now supports alternate IDs