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ToolHound Provides Worldwide Tool Tracking Across Multiple Job Sites

As you may know, ToolHound is a great asset tracking system for managing equipment inventories across multiple locations. But did you know that this same system can scale to provide worldwide tool tracking for comprehensive visibility of equipment and supply inventories?

In fact, ToolHound tool management software is being used by a global engineering firm to track large equipment, supplies and hand tools at jobsites on four continents, helping the company maximize their operational efficiency.

The company is using ToolHound and bar code readers to track everything from cranes to janitorial supplies, managing an extensive tool inventory across multiple project locations. Before using ToolHound, the company had experienced some challenges caused by lack of inventory visibility due to the number of sites.

In addition to using ToolHound’s inventory control software to issue and return equipment, the company is also using a tool billing module and equipment maintenance option that tracks equipment repair or calibration schedules.

Worldwide Tool Tracking Helps Businesses Big and Small

“ToolHound helps large and small companies worldwide gain overall visibility of all their valuable assets — tools, equipment, machinery, consumables and vehicles,” said Dean Perry, president of ToolHound. “Combined ToolHound benefits of increased staff accountability, reduced tool ‘hoarding’ and maximum productivity deliver significant cost savings and overall peace of mind.”

ToolHound 5 is a scalable tool tracking solution that uses the latest cloud computing, radio frequency identification and bar code technologies to maintain real-time visibility of company inventory wherever it’s located. A range of construction, maintenance and repair organizations worldwide rely on ToolHound to increase staff accountability and productivity, while reducing equipment budgets and improving profitability.