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ToolHound Mobile 4, ToolHound’s Award-Winning Tool and Equipment Tracking Solution, is Now RFID Enabled

March 15th, 2010 – St. Albert, Alberta – ToolHound announces the release of ToolHound Mobile 4 with RFID capabilities.

From utilities to construction sites to petrochemical industries and tool rental companies, it’s crucial to have the right tool in the right place at the right time. Organizations that cannot identify and locate their tools and equipment readily often experience delays in production, increased tool and equipment maintenance or replacement expenditures or, worse, total work stoppages.

ToolHound’s award winning tool inventory tracking software is one way to ease these problems. This software has traditionally used barcode tracking systems, which rely on barcodes that are affixed to tools and equipment. When an item is needed from the tool crib, the barcode is scanned and assigned to an employee or job in the database. Now with the release of ToolHound Mobile 4 with RFID capabilities, ToolHound is taking tool tracking technology to a new level.

“At ToolHound, we recognize that RFID tags are the next step in the evolution of tool and equipment management solutions.” Comments Dean Perry, President of ToolHound, “Users will recognize immediate returns when using RFID technology for tool tracking, such as considerable increases in productivity and minimized maintenance and replacement costs.”

There are innumerable benefits associated with RFID use in tool and equipment management:

  • With RFID, multiple tags can be read simultaneously – resulting in faster transactions.
  • RFID tags do not require line of sight to read so they can be read through dirt and grime or put inside tools and equipment.

“Tool and equipment tracking using ToolHound RFID technology gives tool cribs a chance to increase their return on a valuable investment,” concludes Mr. Perry, “…all while increasing staff accountability and traceability of company assets.”

ToolHound is committed to providing ongoing value to their customers through continuous advancement of the ToolHound tool control solution and by staying on top of the most recent technologies available on the market.

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