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Top 10 Myths about Tool & Equipment Management in the Cloud

The “cloud” is a popular buzzword these days. Cloud computing has grown significantly in recent years because storing data in the cloud can offer substantial IT cost savings. The cloud also provides flexibility, efficiency, document control and collaboration, data recovery after disasters, and the capability to securely access your data from anywhere at any time.

However, despite these benefits, there are still a number of myths circulating about this technology. Here are the top ten:


1) Tool and equipment management applications are best suited for a company intranet instead of the cloud

ToolHound 5 Cloud Edition is a web-based tracking system that offers all of the powerful features of our popular ToolHound tool management software, yet it is designed to run in the cloud. ToolHound 5 Cloud offers the same functionality and user experience as ToolHound 5 Onsite, but without the ongoing cost and maintenance of keeping your own database server.


2) Tool and equipment management in the Cloud does not provide data security for hosting

With ToolHound 5 Cloud, both the software and data are stored on a physically secure data center with automatic backups. The server uses a secure firewall and other advanced technology to prevent interference and access from outside sources.


3) I don’t have control of my data in the cloud

Users of ToolHound 5 Cloud have full access and control of their data using any device with an Internet connection and browser. Whether on the road, at the office or at home, using a PC, laptop, handheld computer or wireless device, you can easily manage your data.


4) I can’t have all my tool & equipment applications in the cloud

ToolHound 5 Cloud offers almost unlimited capacity to manage your comprehensive equipment and tool inventory, adding additional modules as needed to grow with your business.


5) It’s more costly to run tool & equipment management in the cloud

ToolHound 5 Cloud is a hosted inventory tracking software that manages the movement, use and location of your entire inventory for one low annual fee. This fee covers application hosting, support and updates, saving you the ongoing costs and hassles of in-house web and database server maintenance.


6) A company intranet is faster than the cloud for hosting applications

Today’s cloud computing technology is fast and responsive, offering speeds similar to your company network.


7) Migrating from desktop storage to the cloud is time-consuming

ToolHound offers easy-to-use conversion tools to transfer your ToolHound data from your desktop PC to our secure online data center with ToolHound 5 Cloud, quickly and easily.


8) Capability of the cloud is limited and does not scale easily

With ToolHound 5 Cloud, you can easily grow your company without the burden of additional IT support and infrastructure costs. As you require more functionality or additional users and locations, you can simply add more modules without worrying about installation, configuration or supporting additional hardware and software.


9) Too many hidden fees are involved with equipment management in the cloud

Everything from support services to daily backups and software updates is covered with ToolHound 5 Cloud. Plus, you can save a considerable amount of time and money without any software or databases to install, administer and maintain.


10) Access to my tool inventory will be interrupted every time the server goes down for maintenance

The ToolHound 5 Cloud service includes automatic updates to the software. Upgrades occur transparently and eliminate costly internal costs for maintenance of software.


Economical cloud computing has been adopted across a wide range of industries and applications, including tool and equipment management. But don’t worry… If equipment management in the cloud simply does not work for your business model, we have you covered with ToolHound 5 Onsite.

Either way, you can enjoy the benefits of a robust, browser-based inventory management system and reliable maintenance and support services.