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Worry-Free Inventory Replenishment

To be an effective manager of a tool crib or supply room, you not only need to know what you currently have on hand and where it’s located, but also what will be needed in the future. Fortunately, the ToolHound 5 tool control system has you covered, enabling efficient inventory replenishment for both consumable inventory and replacement tools.

The ToolHound Purchasing Module is designed to monitor availability and usage of assets, as well as automate the creation of purchase orders via the reorder worksheet for items when a user-defined minimum quantity is reached. This helps eliminate situations where critical supplies are allowed to run out, avoiding costly project delays.

The ToolHound system can track all equipment and supply orders, and generate reports on usage to help you make informed decisions about inventory purchasing. Multiple inventory locations can be supported with online viewing, receiving and reporting capabilities.

Trusted Inventory Replenishment Technology

Auto ID technology, such as barcode and RFID (radio frequency identification), has long been known to enhance inventory management by providing rapid and accurate data collection. Once the purchased items are delivered, entire shipments can be received quickly and accurately with only a few keystrokes, or by using a bar code or RFID scanner.

With the ToolHound 5 asset tracking system, you have complete visibility for worry-free inventory management, ensuring that tools and supplies are on hand when needed… not after it’s too late.