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External Rental Module

The External Rental module is the perfect equipment rental software for companies that rent or sell equipment to either in-house departments or divisions within the company or to outside contractors.

Allowing you to set up an efficient rental system to your own specifications, the External Rental module manages your rental rates, calculates discounts, and automatically reports on miscellaneous charges and billing rates. Simply scan an item out to the department or contractor and scan upon return. The ToolHound 5 equipment rental software does the rest, calculating rental charges for the time the item was checked out.

Feature Benefit
Equipment Rental Software
Automatically maintains rental charges and expenses for each inventory item.
Sets Rental Rates
Lets user create an unlimited number of rate sheets to set hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates for each item. Even calculates the best rate for each use.
Sets Discounts
User can set different discount rates for each contractor or department. Amount is calculated automatically.
Sets Selling Prices
Set the selling price for each item based on cost, plus mark-up, or by identifying a specific price.
Miscellaneous Billing
Add on any extra charges not accounted for under regular billing rates.
Rental Billing Report
Our equipment rental software allows you to print out the list of charges for each transaction, including miscellaneous billing charges associated with each rental.
Sales Report
Report on all the transactions for a selected period, allowing the user to sort report details by contractor or work order.