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Internal Billing Module

Created for companies that rent or sell equipment to either in-house departments, divisions, or to their customers, the ToolHound 5 Internal Rental Module allows companies to set up an efficient rental tool management system to their own specifications.

When transferring inventory from the warehouse to the jobsite tool crib, the rental charges begin. When the inventory is transferred back to the warehouse, the charges end. This allows you to efficiently set up our equipment rental software to your own specifications.

Internal Billing Reports Include:

  • Open Charges: List of all items currently on rent
  • Charges: A summary of all items billed in time period
  • Charges Detail: A detailed list of all items billed for period

Our Rental Tool Management System: Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Inventory Rental Management
Our inventory tracking software automatically maintains rental charges and expenses for each inventory item.
Sets Rental Rates
Lets user create one or more rate sheets to set rental rates.
Partial Billing
For long term projects, billing can be run periodically to generate charges to date.
Rental Billing Report
Print out the list of charges for each transaction using our equipment rental software, including miscellaneous billing changes associated with each rental.
Miscellaneous Billing
Add on extra charges not accounted for under regular billing rates.
Flexible Charges
Rental charges can be calculated at any time and can also be billed to a project.