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Our Support Center contains a wealth of free inventory control documentation and training videos. These resources range from beginning-level operation of ToolHound 5 up to more advanced features. Access to some of these resources is restricted to clients with a support agreement. Please contact support for your password.

If you’re new to the world of inventory control technology, feel free to use these resources as a primer for how ToolHound can vastly improve the efficiency of your business operations. For any additional information or questions you may have, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help. Additionally, you can always schedule a demo to see exactly how ToolHound’s inventory control technology could be implemented into your business to save you time and money.


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ToolHound 5 Documentation: Inventory Control

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inventory control videos


toolhound learning center
The ToolHound Learning Center
setting up picklists
ToolHound 5 – Setting up Picklists
importing data
ToolHound 5 – Importing Data
toolhound 5 core principles
ToolHound 5 Core Principles
dolphin 99ex
Dolphin 99EX – Out of the box
videos Videos
The ToolHound Learning Center
ToolHound 5 – Setting up Picklists
ToolHound 5 – Importing Data
ToolHound 5 Core Principles
Dolphin 99EX – Out of the box