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ToolHound 5 Onsite

Designed for companies who want to host their equipment and tool tracking software on their own servers, ToolHound 5 Onsite is a robust, browser-based application with a powerful Microsoft® SQL backend database. ToolHound 5 Onsite uses the power of the Internet or your corporate intranet to allow asset visibility and tool control in all locations.

Enjoy cost savings, operating efficiencies, and overall peace of mind through our effective, easy-to-use tool tracking software for your valuable assets.

Feature Benefit
Asset Tracking System for Unlimited Number of Assets
Monitor an unlimited number of serialized, consumable and non-consumable assets such as tools, parts, equipment and supplies.
Consumable Tracking
ToolHound 5 Onsite automatically tracks where the consumables are going, adjusts inventory levels and generates billing and job cost information.
Tool Tracking Software
Keep track of everything, from tools and equipment to machinery and vehicles.
Quick Issue & Return of Assets
Check-out and return assets efficiently and accurately with mobile computers. ToolHound 5 Onsite provides a complete history of all asset usage by item and employee. It also provides the capability to charge projects, customers or departments for tool usage.
Bar Code and RFID Enabled
ToolHound 5 Onsite can collect data from bar codes or radio frequency ID tags to greatly enhance data entry speed and accuracy.
Easy Integration to other systems
Import/export to systems such as JD Edwards, Timberline, etc. using csv files
Employee Certification
Ensures employees are certified to use tools that require it.
Tool Kitting
Allows for the issue/return of assets as a set using one bar code.
No Number Limitations
Unlimited number of employees, tools, consumables and equipment.
System Security
Manages access to the system according to user groups, and assigns individual encrypted passwords to each user.
Custom Report Writer
Allows users to generate customized reports, saves the format and prints it as required.
Unlimited Users
Allows multiple workstations to use ToolHound 5 Onsite simultaneously.
Wireless Data Collection
Wireless 802.11 interface improves interaction time, keeps inventory current and greatly reduces error rates. Scanning may take place from 300-500 feet away from the closest access point.
*Monitor and Schedule Maintenance
Track items needing repair, maintenance or calibration. Schedule an unlimited number of service tasks, track the cost and complete service history for all tools and equipment.
*Automated Re-Ordering
Configure ToolHound 5 Onsite to generate Purchase Orders when inventory levels drop below a minimum level.
* Optional module