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rental software

  • Crane equipment rental
  • Heavy lifting equipment rental
  • Construction equipment rental
  • Mining equipment rental
  • Industrial tool rental
  • Oil and gas equipment rental
  • Utility plant tool rental
  • Equipment sales to outside contractors
Equipment Rental Challenges
  • Can I track tool rentals with the same system that manages in-house equipment?
  • How can I simplify calculation of discount rates per contractor or department?
  • Can we eliminate the need to manually input rental rates for every transaction?
  • Is there a rental billing system that accommodates miscellaneous charges?
  • How can we streamline reporting of rentals per contractor for faster billing?
ToolHound Equipment Rental Benefits
  • Rent or sell equipment to in-house departments or outside contractors
  • Easily manage various rental rates and calculate discounts per project
  • Generate automatic reports on miscellaneous charges
  • Set selling price for each item based on cost plus mark-up, or by set price
  • Scan rented equipment to check in/check out and automatically calculate charges.
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